Friday, August 26, 2011

Foster Memories Friday - Josie & Drake

The next placement that we accepted was for a caucasian sibling set.  Josie was about to turn one and Drake was two.  When we picked them up at the SRS office we were surprised that Josie came toddling up to us and wanted picked stranger anxiety there!

It was nice to have our home filled with the laughter and noise of more kids and Brooke loved little Josie.  Drake was a little more difficult, he would throw the loudest most destructive tantrums that I have ever seen.  He would kick, hit and lash out when put into time out.  We began putting him in his room for timeouts...until he started tearing up his room (including hitting the dresser on the wall over and over and then knocking it over).

Drake and Josie ended up only staying with us for less than a month before moving to Grandma's house.  They left on Josie's 1st birthday.  We were called a few months later when they were removed from Grandma, we were sad to say no to taking them back but we knew that Drake would be even worse the second time.  A couple years later we heard that Drake went to live with his dad and Josie was adopted by a family member.  We get to see Josie around town every now and then :)  Drake would be 11 now and Josie would be 9.

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