Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adoption Update

Yeah so this is where I should be putting an update about the two best interest staffings that we were included in this week.


I can't give an update if I haven't been given one!!!!!!  My patience is being tested and I am FAILING miserably!!!

I e-mailed our worker last week with a couple of questions and never got a reply.  I only know she's still alive because she e-mailed on Monday afternoon saying that the budget that I e-mailed to the worker of the 4 pack of siblings didn't make it and I needed to send it to her.

So allegedly there was a BIS sometime Monday for a sibling set of two boys, 4 & 2 with our agency.  Our worker had said that while she couldn't "technically" tell us if we were chosen (they have to wait for SRS approval) she could tell us if we were not chosen so we could decide if we wanted her to still go to the BIS on Wed.   NO CALL.

Then allegedly at 11am on Wednesday there was a BIS for the siblings set of four with another agency.  We still don't know how many families were even being considered

So I've e-mailed and left a voicemail for our worker asking for ANY information that she could share with us and SHE ISN'T SHARING!!!

So I sit here going crazy - er....

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