Sunday, September 18, 2011


Lexy had a soccer game yesterday morning.  It was chilly to start but got down right COLD when the rain started pouring down on us!  The other team didn't want to stop playing but we decided to take Lexy and leave, no sense in any of us getting sick!

Speaking of sick, Brooke woke up feeling better so Mike and I got to go on our anniversary date!  Lexy stayed (and got spoiled) with Mammaw and Grandpa Tom and Brooke spent the night with her friend Taryn.
Mike and I choose not to go out too much without the girls (just our preference) but it was nice to have some one on one time with my sweetie.  :) 

We started off our date going to McDonald's (of all places!!) for lunch...our excuse was that they have the best coke and we both love coke!  Next we headed up to the casino to donate a little bit of money...I say donate because we only spent about 15 minutes playing before our small allotment of money was gone.  After that we headed to Target to waste a little time and look at some Christmas gift possibilities before dinner.  For dinner we tried a new place, Cheddar's that was recommended to us by our friends Bryan and was YUMMY!  We decided to see a movie after dinner, we chose "Our Idiot Brother"...yeah don't bother seeing it!  Although it did give us a good laugh that we can NOT chose a good movie to save our life! :)  We headed home after the movie and got to spend a whole night in a quiet house...well minus the thunderstorms...and we slept in late this morning before picking Lexy and Brooke up.

I can't believe that 21 years ago (at the age of almost 17) I met the man that I felt I was meant to spend the rest of my life with and I still feel that way.  We are so lucky to be blessed with the relationship we have!

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