Friday, September 30, 2011

Foster Memories Friday - Lexy

As I said in the last post, Lexy came to us about a month before Isaiah left for the first time.

We got a call from a friend of ours that she had just been called about placement of a 4 month old Caucasian baby girl.  She said that she told the worker to call us and that we better take this one.  We were still grieving the thought of losing Isaiah in a month, we had been called about but not accepted several placements previously.  After talking to our friend we had a feeling that we needed to take this placement, it just felt right.  A couple hours later the supervisor from our local SRS office brought Lexy to us. 

I won't share too much of Lexy's story because that is her story to tell (if/when she chooses) now but here are the highlights...
  • We knew we were completely head over heels in love with her after the first few days.
  • It took Lexy 2 weeks to give us that first smile...oh how sweet it was!
  • Brooke confided to us just a few weeks after Lexy arrived that she had asked God for a baby sister and she knew that Lexy was the one he had given her and that she would be staying forever.
  • Lexy had visits with her maternal grandpa for the first eight months she was with us.
  • She had visits with her birthmom for 12 months after that.
  • Parental rights were terminated on birthmom when Lexy was about 24 months old.  Birthdad relinquished his rights at that time.
  • We were SO very happy to finalize Lexy's adoption one and a half years later when she was about 3 1/2 years old.  The worker/agency to do the adoption was very slow but it was so worth the wait!
Lexy is now seven years old.  She is a beautiful, smart, funny, wonderful part of our family.  I could never imagine my life without her!   <3   I always tell Lexy that God knew just what he was doing when he gave us each other....I feel so lucky and blessed that she is my daughter.

I'm wanting to do memory posts about Brooke and Lexy later but here are a few pics of the first few months Lexy was home...

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