Friday, September 16, 2011

In a funk

I haven't been writing much, I'm in some sort of funk :(  The past few weeks I can't shake the "something's not right with my world" feeling.  I think it may be adoption related.  We weren't terribly disappointed about not being chosen in the two staffings but I am disappointed that we haven't been matched with "our kids".  It didn't help that at the class that we went to last weekend about half the families have been matched...I want our turn to come!  We have the staffing for the sib set of four coming up on Sept. 27th but there are three other families being considered so I just can't help but think that our chances of being chosen are...well, 1 in 4.  If we are not chosen we are back to square one with no possible adoption situations :(

We've been keeping busy with school, Lexy's soccer practices and games and all of Brooke's running around...have I said how nice it is that she has a car, she can now tote herself back and forth! 

I got to spend a little time with the sweetest little nephew ever this week.  He is at the cutest age (he'll be 2 next month) and talking up a storm :)  I can't wait for the new little nephew that should be making his appearance within the next month!

I still need to get pictures scanned for my foster memories post...this one has been hard for me to write and looking at the pictures has brought me to tears multiple times.  Isaiah will forever be my son in my heart.

Tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary (together 21 years)!  Mike and I have plans to spend the day together...that is if Brooke gets to feeling better.  She hasn't been feeling well (allergies) and this afternoon she was just achy, exhausted and running a low know she's sick when she misses cheering at a game!

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Anne & James said...

you are in my prayers. I can only assume how hard it must be waiting. We have adopted internationaly and are in the process of 2 more and it is hard waiting as well. Keep your chin up God is in control.