Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mental Health Day

When I woke Lexy up this morning she was whiney, grouchy and still tired.  So I decided to explain what a mental health day is to her and let her take her first one ever.

In our family, a mental health day can be taken twice per school year.  I started this with Brooke back when she was about Lexy's age.  It works for my girls because they normally love school and want to go (so they don't try to take advantage).  I think it helps them to know that they can choose two days during the year to stay home for absolutely no other reason than that they want to.  It gives them a little control and I get a little special time with them.  Just another reason I love being a stay at home mom! 

Lexy and I watched TV/movies, read a few books, snuggled on the couch, played computer games and had her favorites for breakfast and lunch. :)  I do believe it was just what she needed!

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