Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sweet Lexy

Last week Lexy came home from school and told us that her teacher's birthday was on Monday (Labor Day) and that she wanted to take her something on Tuesday.  I asked her what she wanted to take her and Lexy said "her favorite thing, a blueberry muffin".  So we saved one of the jumbo blueberry muffins we made on Monday, put a candle in it, wrapped it and Lexy attached a homemade birthday card.  This morning Lexy was so excited to give it to her teacher...but she forgot it at home :(

So after dropping her off at school I returned home and got the gift (along with what Brooke forgot and called to have me take to her, what a morning!) and took it into the school.  Lexy was so excited to see me with the gift and ran it right into her teacher.

I love that Lexy is always thinking of others :)

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