Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adoption Update

I've been quiet on the "adoption stuff", not because nothing is happening...simply because we are choosing to fully enjoy our holidays!  But I want to remember what is happening during this time in our journey so...

We have submitted our homestudy on two more sibling sets...1.) G - 5, B - 4, G - 2...with another agency in our state  2.) B - 2, B - 1...with our agency.  Best Interest Staffings should be scheduled soon in both these situations.

In the case of the three that we thought were coming...we were told that the agency/SRS did the internal grievance review and still stand strong in their decision to not place with the foster mom.  We were also told that now the foster mom's lawyer has petitioned the court for them to consider removing the kids from SRS custody and placing them in the custody of the foster mom for adoption.  This is really the only way that the kids could stay with the foster mom so we understand why she is choosing to go this route BUT she would have to adopt without any assistance from the state and for these three kids (with multiple needs) that is HUGE.  Court is still set for the end of January, our worker says that this particular judge is very unpredictable so nobody really knows what will happen.

My hope is that by the end of January we will know who will be joining our family!

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