Wednesday, December 7, 2011

President Obama's Visit

I'm not into politics in the least bit but this was amazing for our whole town.

The president came to visit us...ok so we didn't get to invite him into our home for dinner (that thought gives me anxiety), talk to him or even see him (except for through the glass of the car) but it was exciting all the same.

We could have stood outside (in the freezing cold) all night for a ticket to be in the building with him but we decided that we weren't that dedicated :) Brooke and I both said that if it were Ashton Kutcher we would have sat outside for days haha!!

I did go to Robin's with some other friends and we stood out on the sidewalk (we were told that if we went any closer to the street than the sidewalk that we would probably be either shot or tackled to the ground!) and watched the motorcade speed by before the speech.  We went inside to watch the speech on TV then we went back out to watch the motorcade leave town...much slower this time and we actually saw The President waving at us from the car.  Brooke watched the speech on TV with friends (her school was optional for the day) and Lexy's class watched it in their classroom (she said it was boring haha).

All in all this was a great opportunity for our town (we are now a part of history) and a great story that the girls will get to tell their kids and grandkids!

President Obama waving at us (back window)

President Obama - News crews - The Stage - The Motorcade

Presidential Helicoptor - Drew Needam (local boy who sung the National Anthem to the President) -
President Obama doing a meet & greet - President Obama's car

Security Helicoptors - President Obama giving his speech -
President Obama getting off the helicoptor - President Obama's signature

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