Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Homeless Man

On our way to the mall we saw a homeless man sitting on the side of the road on the exit ramp (he's way up there by the sign).  The girls and I talked about him the entire time we were at the mall, we live in an area that we don't see many homeless people.  When we left the mall it had begun to snow and Brooke and Lexy were concerned that the man would be very cold and hungry sitting out there. 

They asked if we could buy him some food and coffee (Lexy offered her money).  It turned into quite the ordeal after we got the food because of where he was sitting.  The only way we could get back to him was to backtrack about five miles and then take the exit we did. 

When we pulled up on the side of the road the older man jumped up and walked over to our car.  I handed him the sack of food (McDonalds) with $5.00 inside and a large coffee and we all said "Merry Christmas".  With tears in his eyes he brought the cup of coffee up to his mouth and kept saying "God bless you all".  As we drove away we were all crying...definately a lesson in what this season should be all about! 

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