Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Court Update

So I guess there was a 4th option for an outcome yesterday that I didn't consider.  The hearing took ALL day 8:30am to 5:00pm and they did not get finished.  There is another hearing set for 2/17 to finish up testimony.  Nobody is sure if there will be a decision made that day or if the judge will then set another date to reveal his decision.

Another month of stress just plain SUCKS!!!


Anne & James said...

That just plain sucks. So sorry to hear that you have to wait even longer to find out. What do you guys plan to do if the foster mom is granted the children? I pray for you adoption is sure a roller coaster.
Praying for you.

MyLinda said...

Thank you Anne for your support! At this point if the kids stay with the foster mom then we will continue to look for "our" child(ren). We have our homestudy in on a couple different sibling sets right now. :)