Monday, January 23, 2012


I've been battling stress the past few days as we got closer to today.  Today is the court date to determine if we will be adopting the three kids that we were choosen for or if they will stay where they are.  I am so ready for this to be over (three months of wondering and worrying, emotions up and down, stress at every turn).  I think I am prepared for whatever the outcome is...I think...

Court started at 8:30 am this morning, we were not invited.  How long it takes all depends on how much testimony everyone gives.  Then the judge will do one of three things today...1. rule for the foster mom and the children will be placed in her custody for adoption.  2. rule against the foster mom and the kids will be placed for adoption with us.  3.  say that he needs more time to decide his outcome and will set a later date for his decision to be revealed.

IF the decision is #2 (judge rules against the foster mom) then we are not sure what the process will look like yet.  We could be asked to pick the kids up for placement today, tomorrow, next week, etc. etc. etc.  Our worker just told us to be prepared to scramble if necessary.

My stomach is in knots :(


Acceptance with Joy said...

Don't want to add to your stress, but why is your home even an option? Don't foster parents get first priority? Or is this a special case?


I hope for you, of course :-)

Ashley said...

Just a reader stopping by to let you know that I said a prayer about your/this situation today and hope that whoever your children are, they come home fast!

MyLinda said...

Acceptancewithjoy-I've e-mailed you answering your question! :)

Ashley-thank you so much for your prayers :)