Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy girl = Scared momma

Lexy asked Santa for a skateboard this year...after I said I wouldn't buy something so dangerous! :)

I've put her off every time she has asked to take it outside since Christmas.  Yesterday, after school, it was in the 60's and Lexy asked again to try out her new skateboard.  After several attempts to distract her and making her put on jeans, tennis shoes, helmet, elbow/knee and wrist pads...I finally let her do it.

She actually kinda knew what to do and is pretty good :)

So then she asked if she could work on balancing on her bike again (she's trying to learn to ride w/o training wheels) and she got it this time!  She could push herself with her feet and then balance all the way down the sidewalk!  Crud now real "riding" will be coming soon.

I love that Lexy has no fear of trying new things and she tries and tries again until she gets good at it.  I just wish her "new things" weren't so scary to a momma!  I can so see that girl bungee jumping and sky diving when she's older!

I'm thinking I'm just going to invest in bubble wrap to help keep her safe...or maybe a bubble! :)

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