Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Plate-Lexy (Student of the Month)

We've started a new tradition...the "I am special red plate".  I've been reading about this tradition for awhile now and just picked up a red plate to start it up about a week ago.  The thought behind it is anytime someone in the family does something special, receives a special award/honor or has a special day (b-days, etc.) then that person gets to be honored by using the special red plate.

I got our red plate just in time because on Tuesday Lexy brought home a letter that she had been chosen (by the teachers) as the Student of the Month for the entire 2nd grade!!  So Lexy got to start up our red plate tradition at dinner!

She also got a certificate and a trip to Pizza Hut for lunch with the principal and the other students of the month!

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