Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

As per tradition, we stayed home for New Year's Eve and Papa & Grammy came to spend the evening with us.  Sadly there was a change this year...for the first time ever Brooke had her own party to attend (at Taryn's).  Makes me sad to see her growing up!

We had lots of snack food for the evening.
I made sacks for Lexy and Avree to open each hour with hats, horns, etc. in them.
We put money and glow bracelets in balloons and blew them up for popping later.
Lexy and Avree played the Wii, did crafts and played all evening (easily staying up until midnight!).
The adults played penny poker.
We toasted in the new year with sparkling apple juice.
Lexy and Avree went outside to pop their poppers.
Before going to bed, Lexy and Avree performed a routine (w/the glow sticks) that they had made up.

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