Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

Brooke was up before Lexy on Easter morning and couldn't wait to see her goodies so she woke Lexy up. They found this on the table...

The Easter Bunny had left a note saying that they would play Easter Bunny Says to find their gifts. There were eggs all over the house with candy/gifts and notes with them that gave a clue to where to go next. One of the spots had a new Slip 'n Slide that they were both so excited to get (since Brooke broke theirs last year)!

The last note directed them to the playroom where their baskets were.

After they went thru their baskets and ate a TON of candy we headed up to Papa and Grammy's house to celebrate Easter and Papa's 67th birthday (yep had to say it Dad, love ya). My brother, C.J. and Jessi came up too with their 3 girls. The cousins got to play together...

Ashley, Brooke, Tori, Sheila and Lexy

We had snacks, dinner and Papa & Grammy made these Aliens...umm I mean chickens :-) hehe for the girls.

Then we had cake for Papa's birthday, what a cute flower garden!

C.J, Jessi, Ashley, Sheila & Tori

Papa, Lexy, Brooke, MyLinda, Mike, Grammy

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Ashley said...

Easter Bunny Says - what a fun idea! Stopping by from SITS!