Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Fun

Only three of us got to enjoy family fun day yesterday. Brooke was helping with the cheerleading bake sale at Robin's garage sale.

Mike, Lexy and I started out at the mall where they were having an Easter celebration. There was an Easter egg hunt (where one of the guys in charge tripped a bunch of the kids with the rope that they let down to begin the hunt). They also had a clown performing for a couple of hours in the food court...he was great except that he did the whole thing in spanish so we couldn't understand a word of it. Good thing he didn't pick Lexy to be a helper because I think she would have gotten pretty mad at the fact that she couldn't understand him! Then around the rest of the mall there were tables of people selling things, a couple of moonwalks and then the Easter bunny. Lexy could NOT wait to get around to see the Easter bunny, too bad we don't have a picture of her with him but the witch of a lady that was taking the pictures (if you wanted to buy them for $15 each!) wouldn't let us take a picture of our own!

"The hunt"

"Waiting her turn"

The Easter bunny's garden. The closest we came to a picture of the bunny!

After the mall we went to Lexy's favorite lunch spot, McDonald's all because she wanted to get a "Bob" toy from Monsters vs Aliens that came in the happy meals. After lunch we visited Toys R Us for Lexy to spend the $3 gift card that she got in the we didn't get out of there with something for only $3!!!! Then Mike said he had a surprise for Lexy.

There's Lexy with "Bob".

After going to two theatre's (the first was sold out) Mike told Lexy that we were taking her to the Monsters vs Aliens movie that she wanted to see SO bad...she was so excited jumping up and down and smiling from ear to ear!

Very cute movie!


Shawn said...

Loved that movie! I've already seen it twice with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day! He spoke spanish? That's bizarre!

Dana Tate said...

Looks like a great time. We really loved that movie too!!