Friday, October 2, 2009

The busy life and Focus Friday

This week has been full. I had my first day at work on Tuesday evening...oh my was I sore the next day! I'm just not used to standing on my feel for 5.5 hours! On Wednesday evening Lexy had a soccer game. It's amazing how good these little 4 & 5 year olds have gotten! Lexy had a big cheering section with Mike & I, Robin & Kenzie, Papa & Grammy and Mammaw & Tom. Lexy didn't make a goal at this game but at the last game she did!!!

Also on Wednesday, my brother & sister-in-law found out by ultrasound that instead of being due in March (like they were told by blood test) they were instead due to have their baby TODAY (Friday, Oct. 2). Talk about a HUGE shock! So I spent yesterday going thru all my baby stuff and taking what I have for a boy to them. I can't wait to meet my new little nephew!!
There was a football game last night but because of volleyball conflicts the girls weren't able to cheer but Brooke and a couple of the other girls (that don't play volleyball) went to the game to cheer from the stands. This video is from the last game that the girls did cheer at...


Last weeks goals...

1.) Continue to walk and organize the house. Sell as many things that are listed on Craigslist as I possibly can to get them out of here!! We only got to walk on Monday but hopefully we'll be back to it next week. I have sold several of my items on Craigslist, starting to see some progress on getting the basement cleaned out!

2.) Try to get a rountine down for working without feeling guilty. On the evenings I work I won't have much time at all with the girls and none with Mike and I won't be here to fix dinner. Tuesday was the only night I worked this week so it wasn't too bad. I made pasta salad for dinner before I left and all went well while I was gone. This week will be a little more crazy as I work Sat. morning and Lexy has her last soccer game and then I work Monday, Tues. (Brooke has a football game to cheer at) and Friday evenings...and Mike is on call for his job this week!

3.) Buy my mom's b-day present. The girls did this. Happy Birthday Mom, sorry you have to work today!

4.) idk...I knew something would come up and it happened to be going thru all my baby stuff for my brother and sister-in-law!

This weeks goals...

1.) Continue to walk, organize and clear out the Craigslist stuff from the basement.

2.) Make some quick freezer breakfasts for weekday mornings.

3.) Not get stressed out over working and missing so much this week. Enjoy the time I do have with my family.

4.) Plan to go to the BIG craft fair next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa. Wait wait wait. From March to NOW!? How the heck does that happen??

BoufMom9 said...

HOLY COW! How does that happen??? CRAZY!!!!