Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Busy

This week has been full...

Brooke has had to stay after school until 5pm each night to teach the cheer & dance to the 6th & 7th graders that are trying out for cheerleading tonight! She was so nervous for them this morning!

Two soccer practices for Lexy. I haven't gotten even one picture yet because I somehow got nominated to be the assistant coach...I know NOTHING about soccer!!! Lexy coach is so sweet, she brought cupcakes to practice last night to celebrate Lexy's b-day.

A trip up to the movies with school for Brooke.

A school dance for Brooke.

I gathered pictures and made the picture book that our adoption worker wants from us. I'm putting it in the mail to her today!

I made a few hair accessories for the girls, I'll post pictures later.

Lexy's picture day yesterday. I was asked to help with this so I spent the day at Lexy's school corralling preschool and kindergarten kids, cleaning faces, combing hair, making sure they held on to their little "picture papers" and protecting the picture set from bouncing, jumping, kicking, goofing around kids :-) Lexy loved that I was there all day and was excited that I got to eat lunch with her.

Today is Brooke's picture day...she wouldn't let me help at her school :-(

Tonight Brooke has a sleepover b-day party to go to and tomorrow Lexy has a skating b-day party to go to.

WHEW I'm wore out!!!


debi9kids said...

HOLY COW! I am worn out too just from reading that list! You ARE a busy mama!

debi9kids said...
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