Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break - Part 1

Today we went roller skating. Lexy was invited to a classmates birthday party at a skating rink in a nearby town so all of us had fun skating...except the part where I fell over Lexy after she fell down and I landed on her skate OUCH! This evening Robin and I went for a much needed girls night out, we saw "Dear John" and then ate dinner at 54th St. Bar & Grill...what a great time!!

Brooke, Mammaw (my mom) and I went shopping for some new summer items for Brooke (b/c she has outgrown every single item from last summer!) and for Brooke's 8th grade promotion dress (they have a formal dance). Brooke made out like a bandit getting several new things including her promotion dress, shoes and earrings to go with it. Her dress is beautiful and she looks so elegant and grown up in it. I SO want to put a picture on here but Brooke made me promise to wait until after promotion. She is always worried about being dressed the same as someone else so she won't tell anyone what her dress looks like or where it came from :)
Today Robin and I took all the kids to Coco Key Water Resort (an indoor waterpark inside a hotel) for the day. Mike and I have taken the girls there a few times and it is one of their favorite places to go! We got there at 10am and left at about 5pm...we were all exhausted! Brooke loved having Kenzie there to go on the 2 person raft slide with and Lexy loved climbing all over the play structure and going down the slides with Ryan and Molly!


Today Mike and I took the girls to an indoor play place called Power Play. They have a great buffet and lots of games and attractions for the girls to have fun on/with. Lexy especially loved the swing ride and getting prizes from the tickets won but wasn't too sure about that spinning apple ride :) Brooke liked winning all the tickets and was a very good big sister playing with Lexy and giving her piggy back rides!

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