Friday, March 26, 2010

Soccer and Adoption

Lexy has really been enjoying soccer this season! I'm so proud to see her maturing in her game play. She watches the game (even when sitting on the bench), cheers on her team, listens to her coach and loves to kick the ball and especially make goals :-) She still gets a little winded and her cheeks get bright red when running around and she comes over for drinks of water but her speed and attention are awesome!

Adoption Update:

We got word today that our fingerprints came back!!! At this point we will be staffed with the adoption unit and then our new adoption worker will contact us to complete our homestudy update YAY!! Hopefully there's not too many families ahead of us for homestudies and it can be done quickly! I have continued looking at the waiting children websites but haven't found any kiddos that have caught my attention and pulled at my heart like the three girls did a few months back :( But I'm sure we'll know when OUR CHILD(REN) are revealed to us...God has a perfect plan :)

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