Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break - Part 2

Today we started out the day with green french toast and milk for St. Pat's Day. We stayed in our pj's for most of the day and then headed to the mall to watch a movie (Spy Next Door) and then ate out. When we got home we had a family game night, staying up until about 11pm!

Today the girls and I went and ate our favorite lunch - chinese and then played at a local park since it was beautiful out. This evening we all played out in the front yard. Before we left for lunch Lexy got all dressed up, purse and all and asked Brooke to straighten her hair...oh NO not a mini Brooke :)

Today we spent the day at home and then this evening we went bowling with Robin and Sean and kiddos (Kenzie, Molly, Ryan) and then we all went to Pizza Street for dinner.

On our way home from bowling on Friday night we stopped off at the store to stock up on "keep us warm" foods b/c the weather man was calling for snow all weekend. Sure enough it snowed all day on Saturday and we got several inches of the white stuff. So we snuggled in and stayed in our pj's, snacked, took naps, had chili and cake and watched movies. By Sunday it was better out so we decided we better prepare to get back to "real life" so we cleaned and grocery shopped :(

This morning Lexy was up by about 5:30am, too excited to be heading back to school...Brooke on the other hand was not all that excited to be getting up when it was still dark :)

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