Monday, March 29, 2010


We had a fun but pretty uneventful weekend. Friday evening Brooke had two friends (Kenzie & Cassie) over for the night to work on cheer jumps, etc. It was fun watching the three girls plus Lexy out in the front yard playing monkey in the middle for most of the evening! We all ended the evening with some homemade brownies topped with ice cream, yum! Saturday we headed up to "the city" to do a little clothes shopping...since Brooke has truly outgrown every single item she owns!! Sunday we had our usual cleaning day. I spent most of the day deep cleaning Lexy's does one child collect SO much junk???? She is definately the hoarder of the family :) Actually I really need to redo her room with more storage but I'm putting it off until we find out what ages/gender/how many kiddos we'll be adding since that will determine what will be needed in the way of room switching and storage!

My plans this week? I have a list of deep cleaning I want to get done in the next couple of weeks before our homestudy is scheduled...woo hoo fun! Plus I need to schedule a check up for Lexy, shots for/licence both dogs, find another home for the cat (really bothering Lexy's allergies), oil change for the van, bills and TRY to figure out our insurance since we have bills that are piling up :( Oh gosh and I almost forgot I need to help the Easter bunny finish up his shopping for the weekend :)

It's going to be a FULL week with all the things that I need/want to accomplish plus two soccer games for Lexy and this week starts a two week practice schedule for Brooke before she tries out to be a high school cheerleader! It's amazing how much these girls have to learn and perfect in such a short amount of time!!

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