Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adoption Update

We found out that one of our adoption situations is no longer available.  The 3 yo girl/4 yo boy sibling group are AGAIN taken off the available list to try to "salvage" their current placement.  The back and forth of all this is really getting to me. :(

Our worker did say that they "think" that they are going to receive the court journal entry that we have been waiting 3 months for.  This is for the sibling group of three (3-b, 2-g, 1-b).  She also said that as of right now we are the only family that has come forward for them.  In some ways that really surprises me when I know there are a ton of families that are looking for that age group but I guess the fact that there are three, they are all close together in age, they are of a different race and the oldest has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum scares a lot of families away.  I have asked our worker if they will go ahead with a BIS to choose the family if we are the only family interested or if they will continue to look until they can come up with at least one other family...she has not responded back.  I'm ready to be off this roller coaster!  I by no means think the next step (getting the kids transitioned to our home) will be any easier but at least it will be a NEW roller coaster :)

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