Friday, May 20, 2011

The Decision

Our adoption worker took the easy way out when informing us of the decision, she e-mailed us.  Because who wants to call with bad news!

The best interest staffing has been postponed in order for the foster parents to get a homestudy done.  Our worker said it would be 30-45 days...I still say 3-6 months.  I e-mailed back and told her that we are heartbroken, we were so close that we had already started preparing our family and home for three new little ones.  I also told her that we can not compete with the foster parents, where the kids have been living and bonding all this time.  We just really wish that the fp would have realized earlier in the process that they wished to adopt these kids, before we started to consider them part of our family.  Knowing the system like we do, we know that there is absolutely no way that we would be chosen over the foster family.  Which if they truly want to adopt these kids, they should stay where they are/know.  I just hate that the foster family has been so undecided about all of this up until now.

So we are back to square one :(

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Christine said...

I am sorry. Stay strong. I am sure your kids are out there. Big hugs.