Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adoption Update

Got a call from our Adoption worker just now.  She went over the typical schedule for moving children into an adoptive home...
  • BIS to choose family
  • SRS approval about 1 wk later
  • File reading - we go to the office to read the kids files/write down any information.
  • Transition plan set up - transition with little ones is usually about 30-45 days.  We will have to travel to where the kids are and provide all transportation.
  • During transition plan - Meeting with SRS subsidy person and sign subsidy agreement and APA (adoption placement agreement).
  • Kids move in to our home.  Kids still in state custody (we must get ok for out of state travel).  Our worker will visit about 1 time per month for 3 -6 months to help with getting services set up, etc.
  • After 3-6 months we are able to finalize adoption.
I knew the steps from being a foster parent (and adopting before) but things will look a little different since the kids aren't already in our home.  Everything sounded good and I was getting excited...and then she DROPPED THE BOMB...

The current foster parents have AGAIN decided that they want to be considered for adoptive placement.  The team is deciding if they will include this family in the BIS or not.  If they choose not to (b/c the family has went back and forth on this) then the BIS will go ahead as scheduled on May 24th with just us.  If they choose to include the foster parents then the BIS will be postponed so that a homestudy can be done on the foster parents.  We will still be included in the BIS when it takes places (probably 3-6 months) b/c there are concerns about the foster family but my guess is that in the end the children would stay with the foster family.

I am sick over this, my stomach is in knots and I want to cry.  We were SO close.  I keep telling myself that if these kids are meant to be a part of our family then it will all work out but my positive self talk isn't helping much right now. :(  The worker said that the team will make their decision before next Tues. and she will let us know...

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