Friday, May 27, 2011

The end of school year 2010-2011

I can't believe another school year has flown by!  I'm in shock that come August I will have a 2nd grader and a sophomore!!!  I am really hoping there are more little ones in the house before that to make me feel needed around here! :)

Brooke had her last day on Friday, May 20th since she didn't have to take finals, if they miss less than 4 days during the year they don't have to take finals at the end of the year and get out two days early!.  On Monday while Lexy went to school (for a movie day), Brooke and I had a little Mom and Daughter shopping day!  We both found new swimsuits for our upcoming vacation and a few other odds and ends.

On Tuesday Brooke and I joined Lexy at school for her last day.  They have a field day with lots of games and fun, eat a sack lunch outside and get out early!

We haven't done much since school has been out, the weather has been stormy, rainy and gloomy but we did have a couple of very leisurely days sitting at home.  Lexy and I had a fun day with Robin and her kids today at Jumping Jax (inflatable place).  I am putting together a Summer Fun Jar with slips of paper with craft/science/baking/fun things to do at home and then on a different color of paper, places to go.  I don't want the summer to slip by without having as much fun as we possibly can!

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