Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vacation and Kids

We had started talking about taking a vacation a couple of weeks ago.  We thought it would be a good idea to take a nice vacation before anymore kids move in.  We don't have too much more time to take family vacations before Brooke heads off to college (or whatever she chooses) so we wanted to make this a good one.  We've finally settled on Myrtle Beach, SC.  Both girls wanted to go to a beach, Brooke has been once when she was four and Lexy has never been.  I wanted someplace that had other things to do too and this destination has both!  The girls are VERY excited and to be honest I think some relaxation on the beach will be good for all of us!  Now to keep the girls from trying to pack too soon!

Nothing like planning a vacation to get the possible adoption situations popping up again!  A friend told us of two new sibling groups that we are going to look into...

Sibling set of four - g-5, g-4, g-2, b-1...yes FOUR but we both agreed to at least get more information about them. 

Sibling set of two - g-3, b-1...this one REALLY pulls at my heartstrings but it might be a situation that the agency won't look at families that aren't homestudied through them (which we are not) unless they can't find a family in their own agency.

There's also a new baby at the far away special needs agency...hmm....

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