Tuesday, November 4, 2008

She's gone

I went up to the SRS office at 2pm. "M's" SRS worker calls me and says that moms car wouldn't start so she would be another 30 min. I took "M" and Lexy to a store for a while and at 2:30pm returned to hear that mom had called and she was lost...somehow she was in Lenexa (she started in Baldwin) so it would be after 3pm before she could get here. I went to pick Brooke up from school at 3pm.

When we returned to the SRS office she was there...in her baggy clothes, dew rag on her head, hat turned sideways, big ole sunglasses on her face...she looked like a teen from the "hood". "M" wouldn't even look at her at first. Mom picked "M" up and kept saying "what ya mad at me, ya mad at your momma??". "M" did finally give her a half hearted kiss but just kept looking at us as if saying "why are you doing this to me?" I'm pretty sure that this little girl will be back in the system...

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