Wednesday, November 19, 2008

sickies and foster care

Brooke feels much better now, except right after she takes her antibiotics (which give her a stomache) thankfully she only has 4 more days! Yesterday I did call my doctors office and they sent in a prescription for me without having to see me...miracles DO happen! I took the first dose last night but I am feeling worse today so hopefully the second dose will help more! We've been lucky and Lexy is still feeling good.

Today the family support worker from our new foster agency came to talk. We discussed what ages, etc. that we would like to foster/possibly adopt and just got a feel for one another. She seems to be very nice (I know I thought that about our last one that turned out to be "not so nice"). She brought the lists of foster and adoptive kids that are available that she gets every Monday. There was not really any placements that would fit in our home but she said she checks every Monday and will call us with any that she thinks might work. She said she just had a newborn placement a couple of weeks ago that will go to termination in Dec...I told her that the next one like that I would LOVE to be called for!!! In chit chatting she mentioned that she works part-time for an adoptive agency and does all their homestudies/post adoption stuff...hmm maybe this is our avenue to adopt from the agency in New York if that is meant to be. I'm just trying to keep an open mind that things will work out just the way they are meant to in God's time not hard as it is to admit that I am not in control! It looks like we'll start getting calls from our new agency in early Dec. but should still be on the calling list for our old agency until then...if they'd just stop calling with the teens!

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