Monday, November 10, 2008

The weekend

We had a pretty uneventul weekend. Saturday we went shopping and out to eat. We went to Toys R Us to work on Lexy's Christmas. All went well, she didn't even notice that second cart full of toys, until the very end! We were almost to the checkouts when I hear Lexy say "WOW, a scooby doo van!!!" I turn around and she's looking in the cart. Brooke and I threw our bodies in front of that cart while Lexy continued to try to catch a peek at her loot! Mike ended up taking Lexy out to the van while Brooke and I payed. Lexy now is continuously asking if she can have her scooby doo van...oh well we tried!

On Sunday we had our cleaning day. I cleaned Lexy's does one child clutter up a room SO fast??!! And then Mike motivated me to finally start putting up our pictures on the wall in the living room. I had taken most down when we got the new couch (wow I think that's been at least 18 mos. ago!) and have been putting off rearranging and putting it all back together. So we got most of it put all I need to do is put pictures in all the pretty new frames...or I guess I could just leave the pictures of stangers that came in the frames!

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