Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update on "M"

I just received a call from the SRS worker that removed "M" from her home last Thursday. Seems that the judge has decided to send "M" back home to her mom today. The SRS worker says that they have set up outside services for mom/"M" to help mom be a better parent and try to keep "M" safe. I worry that since this is the third time for "M" to be removed for not being supervised/walking the streets that the next time we hear about her may be on the news...I'm sad for her. She has really settled in nicely here and was even starting to let us hug her and do small tasks for her.

I will be taking her to the SRS office here in town at 2pm to reunite her with her mom. I hope for "M's" sake that she is VERY happy to see her mommy and that her mommy feels the same way. Wow not the outcome I thought would happen in this case, I'm a little in shock!!

Here's what "M" is doing right now, so peaceful...

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