Friday, November 21, 2008

Da mama's ssiicckk!

Since I began taking my antibiotics on Tuesday I have continuously felt worse. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, stomach ache, congestion, constant horrible aching all over, dry hacky never ending cough and the WORST headache of my life (and everytime I cough it feels like my head just may spontaneously explode).

After a trip to the doctor today and a bunch of hmmms after listening to my back (bronchitis) and looking at my throat (strep) he said he wasn't sure why the other antibiotics weren't working but told me to finish them and start on the new ones today as well. I just got thru taking the first dose of the new antibiotics and gagged for 5 min. after taking it...they are huge and there is no coating and they are NASTY!!!

Oh did I mention that the Dr. told me that this may be a virus and nothing will help???!!!! I WANT TO DIE...or ast least fall asleep and not wake up until I'm better!

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Sara said...

Linda, I love your blog! Is there any way to subscribe? I'm sorry you are feeling sick and hope you get better soon.

aka TriMom73
aka HealthyMom on the foster parent board. :)