Monday, November 24, 2008

Our weekend

FINALLY I'm feeling a little better!!! I've still been up most of every night coughing but at least I feel decent during the day. Now let's all say a collective prayer that Mike and Lexy keep the sickies away so that we can all enjoy Thanksgiving!

We didn't have much "family fun" this weekend because mama couldn't get her sick butt up off the couch! BTW, thank you Mike for keeping us all fed, the house cleaned and for not putting my lazy, sick, grumpy butt out on the curb for the trash men this weekend!!

Saturday evening my poor girls got so bored that they went out to the playroom together to play (instead of fight). This video is what I caught when I snuck out to see what they were doing...

Then they wanted me to take a picture of them...

Then after awhile Brooke and Lexy came in and said that they had made up their own dance and wanted me to video cute is this!!!!

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