Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

We had a great father's day weekend! It started out Friday night with dinner with Grandpa Tom and Mammaw (the pictures I took are not coming out so I'll have to work on them and see if I can fix them, see below). Then we went up to Papa & Grammy's for the weekend where we spent lots of time together and ate WAY too much good food including a fish cake that I made for Papa (payback for all the times Papa tries to buy me fish things which I do not like!).

Brooke made plans to stay at Papa & Grammy's this week so the rest of us had to come home without her. My baby is growing up, I can remember when not long ago she wouldn't go anywhere without her Mama ;-( Right now Lexy is crying in her bed because she misses Brooke and wants her to come home and read her a bedtime story...see you're missed Brooke :-) We love you!!!!
The sun must have been too bright coming thru the window in the background, these were the only ones I could salvage :(
Grandpa Tom, Brooke & Lexy

Grandpa Tom "making things" out of tissue paper with Lexy :-)

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