Friday, June 19, 2009

Parade Time

Last night we went to our town's annual parade, what a beautiful night for it! Brooke walked/cheered in it with her cheer squad and Lexy had fun picking up all the candy that was thrown her way!

A Funny: While Daddy & Papa went to pick Brooke up fsrom the end of the parade route, Grammy, Lexy and I walked home. While walking Lexy said "I love summer and winter but not spring" when Grammy & I asked why not spring Lexy said "because that's BEE season and I DO NOT like bees!". Grammy and I were laughing so hard and Lexy said "NO, I'm serious don't laugh at me"...which made us laugh even harder! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Great layout! Where do you make yours?
I wanna get into that.

I didn't know Brooke was a cheerleader! I was a cheerleader!