Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swimming Fun

To break in my new look this month (and no we are not going someplace exotic for vacation, we just wish we were), I have pictures of our first swimming outing of the summer.

We decided to venture to a pool in a town about 45 min. away (the same one we went to the park at). It was a beautiful day (90's) for the pool so we packed up and got there when they opened at 1pm. Robin and her kiddos (Kenzie, Molly & Ryan) and Brooke's friend , Cassie, all joined us. We had a great time until about 3:20pm when we hear over the loud speaker "everyone must exit the pool NOW, we have had an incident". A few minutes later we found out that someone had gotten sick (YUCK!) in the water and they would need to close the pool for about an hour to clean, disinfect and shock the water. Robin and her two little ones decided to leave but Brooke, Lexy, Kenzie, Cassie and I waited and entertained ourselves by dancing to the music and gossiping about the people that SHOULD NOT have been wearing bikinis in a public place! By the way, just because it is in the 90's does NOT mean that the water will be warm...we about froze!

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