Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ronald McDonald

Last week we saw on the sign at our local McDonald's that Ronald would be visiting today at 1pm. When I told Lexy she got super excited and couldn't stop talking about it! At 6:30 am this morning I woke up to her in her bedroom saying "today is Ronald McDonald day, I get to see him, I get to see him". After convincing Lexy to go back to bed for a while, we headed out at 9:30am with Robin and kids to see a movie and then we headed to McDonalds. We arrived at about 12:15pm and after eating (and the restaurant filling up fast), Ronald showed up at 1pm. He did a magic show for everyone and then stayed for pictures and they handed out goodie bags and the smallest ice cream cones I have ever seen :-) Robin and I even got in on the picture fun (while all the other parents thought we were crazy)!

And no Brooke he didn't drive his shoe car...Lexy looked for you!!


Anonymous said...

That's so cute that she was that excited!

Tara said...

Hey :) I have a little award for you over at my blog! Come get it when you have a chance :)

Thank you!!!!