Friday, October 23, 2009

Focus Friday

Last weeks goals...
1.) Enjoy meeting, holding and loving on my newest nephew (when he gets here). Buying a couple of cute things for him and helping in anyway I can. I did get to meet and love on little Toby, he is so gorgeous. We got him a couple of cute little outfits and tiny socks!
2.) Do something fun with my girls on Monday since there is no school again! Brooke, Lexy and I decided to go to chinese (our favorite) and then do our grocery shopping.
3.) Get those clothes photographed and out of my basement! Clothes photographed and listed, hopefully they'll go soon!
4.) Call the adoption agency if that's what I'm led to do. Still did not do this. With not knowing if I'm staying at my job I just don't feel comfortable starting this process yet.
5.) DO NOT stress about work this is what it is! I really haven't thought about work too much since I worked on Sun. and didn't have to go back until tonight. Although I did get another lecture for supposedly changing my availability...which I did not, it's the same as what I talked about in my interview. I'm beginning to believe that they told me whatever I wanted to hear in the interview just to change things once I started working, ugh!

This weeks goals...
1.) Go to the pumpkin patch and get our pumpkins (Lexy has been begging). We were suppose to go this weekend but I was sched. to work both Sat. & Sun. even though I'm only available one or the other not both. They said very unhappily that they would try to find someone to replace me one of the days but I haven't heard anything.
2.) Get things ready for Halloween. Make Lexy's class bags and plan games for her class party that I'm in charge of. Put a couple of decorations up b/c after school everyday Lexy asks why we aren't ready for Halloween, everyone else is 'cause they have decorations :-) And get snacks and rent a movie for Brooke & Kenzie and their boyfriends who are coming over on Halloween night for a while.
3.) Continue to look for jobs and put in applications hoping to find a job that better suits my family.
4.) Do something for myself this week. I'm beginning to feel down because things aren't working out how I think they should be...and although I know I'm not the one in charge, I AM in charge of my attitude and emotions and I need to do something to get those back to the right place.

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