Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend News

This weekend was not very eventful. Friday brought another dr. visit (for Lexy) after they wouldn't just send in a prescription even though Brooke's strep test the day before was positive. Lexy was miserable with strep this time, she was running fever and throwing up. Between that and not feeling good myself I decided to call in sick to work on Friday evening. By Saturday Lexy was feeling a little better but Mike and I were not feeling good. I started on antibiotics on Saturday.

I felt like I had to go to work yesterday even though I still wasn't feeling great. I have never felt so tired, run down and sore by the end of my seven hours. I don't think I moved from the couch once from the time I got home until going to bed! My job is frustrating me...I looked at my schedule for next week and they have me working double the hours that I want and have me scheduled for hours that I can't possible work (like starting at 3pm on a school day). When I started I had to fill out a detailed paper on my availablily and how many hours and days per week I wanted to work, by looking at my schedule next week obviously whoever made up that schedule didn't look at my availability at all! Hopefully they'll have it fixed by Tues. when I go in.

Still no news of my newest nephew making his appearance. They go back to the dr. tomorrow so hopefully they'll schedule to induce then!

Today is a school holiday so the girls and I have planned to make a trip up to the mall for the day...if I can get Brooke out of bed!! Mike wasn't feeling well this morning so he is going to rest in peace and quiet while we are gone.

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Yaya said...

Oh no, I hope your household is healthy soon!