Friday, October 16, 2009

Stress, Happiness and Focus Friday

I've started to write several posts this week but never finish them. This week I've been struggling to keep my head in a happy place. It's so frustrating when you truly know what you want and should be doing (being the best mom to as many children as is God's will) and something or someone is making that hard! This job at Target is driving me insane, well not really the job itself that's fine except for it leaves me tired and sore...but it's more the management that feels the need to lecture about asking for days off like I am some little teenager asking off so I can go party. I was denied Halloween, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve off and was told that no requests between the beginning of Nov. and New Years would be approved. Great except that I took this job to BETTER MY FAMILY and missing all the important things like holidays and their concerts/plays coming up in Dec. is not bettering my family!!!

Ok so after stressing about it all week, Mike and I have decided that while I don't feel that I can quit right now (b/c I want to at least get Christmas shopping done) I will put the time off request in for the concerts/plays in Nov. and if those are not approved for Dec. then I will have no choice but to quit because I will not be missing those important things in my kids' life.

SO with that not stressing me anymore I can concentrate on happily waiting for my newest nephew to arrive hopefully sometime today!!!! I had some questions when I mentioned him a few posts ago about how a due date moves from March to Oct. so I thought I would share :-) Back in July (I believe it was) my sister-in-law went to the doctor and had a pregnancy test done (which was positive) because of irregular periods the doctor sent my SIL to the hospital for a blood test to see how far along she was. That blood test gave her an estimated due date in March 2010. My SIL was really big (baby) by the end of August and we all assumed b/c of her due date that she was having at least twins if not more. Because of insurance issues, my SIL did not go back to the doctor until the end of the ultrasound they found out that she was nearly 40 weeks pregnant and was due to deliver two days later (Oct. 2). Now today she is two weeks overdue from that date and they are inducing her as I write. This new little guy is going to be SO loved no matter when he gets here!!!

A few happy pictures of the girls on our trip to the mall on Monday...

Last weeks goals...

1.) Work on getting more exercise in (it does help my mood) and get pictures taken/posted for the girls clothes I want to get rid of. Yeah so neither of these got done with me stressing out this week!
2.) Enjoy the girls day off of school on Monday by doing something fun. We went to the mall and played, had fun and shopped! See the pics above!
3.) Call the adoption agency and get things started. Not done either...don't know if it's procrastination on my part or God telling me it's not time...must.listen.better!
4.) Get everyone feeling better around here! And do everything I can to keep us all healthy this winter...hard with both girls in school and me working at Target! Everyone seems to be better least until we are off antibiotics :-) I've been especially careful while working of using the alcohol/germ remover after each customer in hopes not to bring home anything else! And the girls and I have been taking vitamins every morning (Mike can't b/c they make his stomach hurt).
This weeks goals...
1.) Enjoy meeting, holding and loving on my newest nephew (when he gets here). Buying a couple of cute things for him and helping in anyway I can.
2.) Do something fun with my girls on Monday since there is no school again!
3.) Get those clothes photographed and out of my basement!
4.) Call the adoption agency if that's what I'm led to do.
5.) DO NOT stress about work this is what it is!

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Yaya said...

Yeah, sounds Luke the target job is not going to work out. Sorry.

Yay for an almost nephew!! That story is crazy!