Saturday, May 1, 2010

31 day Journey of Peace

On another blog, I read how she is using the month of May to focus on and do something special for herself each day. To remember to show herself the same kindness she shows to others everyday. I think this is a great idea...

I am SO blessed but between marriage, motherhood and especially the stress of the adoption process sometimes I can forget that to be truly at peace I must take care of myself . Some days that means I need to just remember and acknowledge what has spontaneously brought me joy that day, other days that means that I need to mentally focus on doing something nice for myself :-)

For the next 31 days I will:

Commit one act of self-kindness that brings me peace/joy.
Write about that self-kindness.
Not allow anyone or any situation to rob me of my peace.

One of my goals for 2010 is to work on being a more loving, kind, patient, happy and peaceful wife, mother, and friend, I think this fits right in!

For Day 1 my act of self-kindness is...

I (and the family) went garage sale hopping. As a child this activity brought me great displeasure (not sure why?) but now I enjoy it very much. I love finding new-to-us treasures for my family. I even found a couple of things that I was looking for to make a new craft :-)

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