Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brooke's officially a high schooler :(

Yesterday was the last day that Brooke was a middle schooler. Her school did away with the 8th grade promotion ceremony :( but they did still allow the parents of the 8th graders to sponser an 8th Grade Promotion Dance. Out of about 90 students in Brooke's class, about 10 or so of us parents planned, decorated, chaperoned and cleaned up the dance last night. We had the theme of Neon Nights and decorated with glow in the dark things, florescent items, black lights and had slush from Sonic and snacks provided by the parents. I'm working on getting all the pictures together but here's Brooke on her special night, she's so beautiful...

Journey of Peace

My act of self-kindness for Day 21 was...

I did a lot for others instead of for myself but one thing I really enjoyed was that Brooke got up early and we went to breakfast together after dropping Lexy off at school.


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