Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peace and No News

Journey of Peace

My act of self-kindness for Day 3 was...

Lexy has been asking me to go to the basement and find all of Brooke's old Junie B. Jones books. Yesterday I took the time to find those books and then read an entire book to Lexy. We had so much fun giggling at Junie B's goofyness!!

In other news...

There is none :( Still waiting to hear from the adoption worker on our homestudy update. Last week she said "early next week"...hmmm wonder what she constitutes as "early". I'm just SO ready to move forward and start looking at profiles!! On the way to school this morning Lexy asked if you could play on a teetor totter by yourself. When I told her no that I think it would be much more fun with someone else she said "I hope I get a little sister soon then".

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