Monday, May 17, 2010

Brooke's 14th B-Day

Brooke decided for her 14th Birthday to go back to our tradition (that we did on her 11th and 12th birthdays) of her and I along with her BFF Kenzie and her mom, Robin having a Birthday Weekend. We start out on Sat. morning heading to where our hotel is (it changes each year) and looking for the closest mall where we shop all day...and spend a ton on the girls! In the evening we head to the hotel for a few hours of swimming and goofing off. After that we head to a very late movie (the girls always wear their jammies) and then go back to the hotel to bed. We head home Sunday morning after breakfast.

We had fun driving around with "Honk to say Happy Birthday to Brooke & Kenzie" on the back window of the car. We wore ourselves out shopping at The Legends. We had Stone Cold Creamery for dinner and pizza as a late snack. We watched "Backup Plan" for our movie.

What a great girls weekend! I love to spend time with Brooke and watch her enjoy an entire weekend dedicated to her!

Before heading up for our girls birthday weekend, Brooke got her presents from Lexy (a handmade card and cutout cat to remind Brooke of Precious and a pack of gum) and Mike and I (the oh-so-wonderful cell phone that she has been dreaming of. :-) And on Sunday we headed up to Golden Corral to celebrate Brooke's Birthday with Grammy & Papa and Mammaw & Grandpa Tom.

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