Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brooke's 14th Birthday

I'm pre-posting this because on Brooke's birthday I will be off to enjoy a day of shopping and pampering and a hotel stay with Brooke, Kenzie and Robin for Brooke and Kenzie's birthdays! Brooke and Kenzie decided again this year to forego a party with friends for a weekend of just moms and girls...I'm SO blessed to have a daughter that would rather spend time with me!!!

Dear Brooke,

Could it really be true that you are already 14 years old??? We hear it said all the time but the time REALLY DOES go by way too fast!

I want to thank you for letting me get the full experience of having a teenage daughter this year...from the drama, the hormones, the mood swings to the sweet loving moments where you give me a glimpse into your mind and life and show me what a wonderful woman you are growing up to be!

I love that you still talk to me about your crushes, friends, dreams and drama. I'm so thankful that we have a close relationship where you feel comfortable talking to me about anything and everything. I hope that as your life gets busier with high school that we can still share that close bond!

You are creative, focused, determined, loyal, assertive and loving. You still say you want to be a fashion designer (or something in that field) and you will be great at it! When you love someone (family, friends) you are one of the most supportive and loyal people in that persons life, you would do anything for them. When you want something you don't give up, you are the hardest working most determined girl I know...I'm so proud of your good grades and you making high school cheerleading because of your hard work! I love that you are confident and assertive when you want your thoughts, ideas or opinion known, you don't back down from anyone! And most of all I love that you love your family and want to spend time with us!

I love you more than you could ever know! It has been my pleasure to watch you grow from a teeny tiny baby into the beautiful young woman that you are today. I love being your mom and feel blessed everyday that you are my daughter.


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