Friday, December 5, 2008

Brooke & Lexy the actresses...

Not sure why the picture keeps rotating sideways but it's a picture of the newspaper article about Brooke's play performance. She had her first performance yesterday. She said it went well and she only forgot one line, everyone helped out with forgotten lines by adlibbing! They will perform today for the other middle school students (this makes Brooke more nervous than anything!) and then tonight and tomorrow at 7pm they will be performing for the public.

Lexy wanted to get in on the acting so last night she acted like a doggy!

Lexy took a sick day today. She had done some coughing last night and this morning she woke up complaining of a sore throat so I kept her home. She doesn't seem to be fever, throat really not red, etc. but I think she just needed the day off because after dropping Brooke off at school and driving back home Lexy said "yeah, now I don't have to do all that school work!!"

BTW, did you see that Elf dance above??? I thought it was SO cute!!!

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