Sunday, December 14, 2008

The weekend

Here's a *new* post for the junkies...yes I'm talking to you Dad!!! haha!

This weekend on Sat. the girls and I had "mommy and me" time as Mike was on call and stayed home working on some of Brooke's Christmas presents for her room. The girls and I went shopping at a few stores, walked around the mall and then headed to Chuck E. Cheeses for dinner and fun. We all had a fabulous time but we were all wore out by the time we got home from all the walking, fun and jostling from the crowds! We sat down and watched a Christmas movie as a family after getting home.
Here's Lexy after our outing...
Brooke with Lexy's new "friend" that she had to have! I know Mom, I wouldn't let you buy her a big stuffed dog for Christmas b/c we don't have room...this one was ONLY $5 (I have no better excuse!)
Lexy talked me into a Happy Birthday balloon yesterday of those poor parenting moments when I bought it just to apease her so we could get out of the store :-) She decided to dress it in her pajama shirt (and we ALL thought this was hilarious, must have been the tiredness)...

Sunday was spent cleaning the house, putting some of the presents under the tree (see Brooke I DO listen to you), playing and having the girls help me cook dinner (Brooke's favorite, popcorn chicken kabobs) and make dessert (Lexy helped make peanut butter cup blizzards!).

Poor Lexy had a rough evening tonight when she fell off of her chair she was sitting in and hit her upper lip and then her forehead on the TV cabinet. Then somehow the icepack that she was using for her boo boos busted open all over her new favorite jammies so she had to change...poor baby!

Hmm, I wonder if the girls will have school in the morning. We have ice and some snow AND the wind chills (on the news just now) for tomorrow are suppose to be -10 to -20 BBBRRRR!!! They probably will have school just because that will make me have to get out and drive them to school and I HATE to drive in this kind of weather! The girls have five more days of school (if they go tomorrow) until the beginning of Christmas (I mean Winter) break. Lexy's party is on Friday morning. Brooke is having a choir concert on Wed. night and then her cheer squad is having a little Christmas party/gift exchange sometime this week.

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