Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The lights and other news...

Mike got the lights finished, it looks great hon!!

Mike did mention that we need to get another big snowman so we have a mom & dad and we need to add five more kids to the family since we have seven little snowmen!!

In other news...

A letter came home in Lexy's backpack today that she failed her hearing test. I called the school nurse to ask if she indeed failed (as in couldn't hear) or if she chose not to cooperate (therefore failing). The nurse said that she indeed failed as in couldn't hear, she said she tested her two different days to be sure of the results. She says that the problem seems to be mostly in the left ear. She said the test consisted of the child having a page of pictures in front of them and pointing to the picture when the "man in the headphones" said that word. The nurse said that Lexy did well on some and then on the others she would just give her a look like "what did that man just say??". So off to the audiologist we go, I have made an appt. for next Thurs. We had her hearing tested about 1 1/2 yrs. ago and all her tests were normal but after everything we went thru with her eyes/glasses we will definately do more testing if only for our own piece of mind!!

Brooke is getting excited and a little nervous about her upcoming acting debut! She will play "Maeve" one of the daughters in a play called "Donovan's Daughters". She has been very focused on the whole process of this play (to the point of forgetting about a cheerleading event this morning!) and I think she will do awesome! She has 4 performances beginning tomorrow to the grade school students, then Friday am to the other middle school students and then they will perform to the public on Friday and Saturday nights. I have really seen her grow and blossom as she has prepared for baby is growing up ;-(

The paperwork that we had to fill out to change foster agencies got a late pick up so it will probably be closer to the first of the year before we fully switch. We haven't gotten any calls from our current agency lately but then again another couple we know with that agency hasn't gotten any calls either so there just must not be too many kiddos coming in to the system. I would love to have a little bitty one for Christmas but I'm trying to be patient and go with the flow!! Although I did see some little bitty oh-so-cute outfits on sale at Carters outlet yesterday when Lexy and I went to the mall and I SO wanted to buy some of them! Oh BTW they were all boys things, maybe a sign????!!!!

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