Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend fun

We weren't able to go to Papa & Grammy's this weekend, Grammy was still sick and Papa fell on the ice and hurt his shoulder...get better Papa & Grammy!!! So instead we went up shopping with the crazy people on Sat. (I can't believe Mike went for this!) and then went to K&M Bar-Be-Q for dinner (YUMMY!!!). We did come home with a new addition to the family...

His name is "T" or "Rexy" and he is the love of Lexy's life! Lexy must have felt that he had some halitosis as she got an old toothbrush and went to work...And then the next morning "T" demanded his own bowl of cereal. Mike says "that 3rd kid sure isn't as pretty as the first two!!"

The girls and I had to get out this morning for a follow up appt. for Lexy (dr.) so we went to one of the junk stores that the girls enjoy and then out to lunch. After that we came home and made one of papa & grammy's and mamaw & grandpa Tom's gifts (I'll post picture and how to's after Christmas) and we wrapped Mike's presents. Brooke and I also went online and found a solution for her jewelry in her new of that to come after we get it all done!!

I'm getting a little worried that we may not get to make the trip up to Papa & Grammy's house for Christmas Eve since they are calling for sleet, freezing rain & snow on Tues/Wed. but hopefully the forecast will change before then!

Well, I need to go finish up some peanut butter fudge and make the girls some hot cocoa since they've been begging for it!

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